about us….

There is nothing about us that makes us unique or important, actually quite the opposite.  We are simple sinners who have been saved by an amazing God- and it is only He who placed the longing on our hearts to embark on our adoption journey…

Now that we have been home from Ethiopia for one year, I find that continuing to  write about daily life, some adoption related, some parent related, some not related to anything, just craziness of our own life, gives me a chance to remember where I have been and give glory to God that He saw fit to not leave me as I was.  I pray that through my various posts, some fluffy, some serious, my heart for my Savior will permeate.

Soli Deo Gloria…..


12 responses to “about us….

  1. ari

    Yay! I am so excited for you guys!! So good to see you the other day too….

  2. WE’RE SO EXCITED FOR YOU! We’ll pray for the Lord to sustain, encourage and provide all you need in the coming months (and years)! We love you guys!

  3. love your blog. guess i’m gonna have a lot of catching up to do!

  4. Nancy Hesiey

    I am happy to be the recipient of your blog site from your Mom. It will be good to be up to date on your family, and the adoption process. Some lovely little girl is unknowingly waiting in divine time to meet her anxious family…we will pray, and enjoy waiting with you. It must be the right girl…the one who was meant to be a part of your family. I like the picture in Graceyn’s room, and I am very partial to the wall in the study. I saw the picture of the study on this sight and fell in love with it – what do the words on the right of the picture mean? I am an avid believer in clocks keeping us connected with the other side of the world. That way all prayers are extra timely. (smile) I must have missed that wall when I was there. Had I seen it – I would have gazed at it, wondering how you did that because I want to do that in my room at school. Please pass on your knowlege. ( I have a clock in my room telling Iraq time.) Good to see you at the shower the other day, Leah. Jay – long time no see.
    – Nancy Heisey

  5. Nancy Heisey

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I love fall too! It’s always been my favorite…the colors are gorgeous this year. How good to go back and read about your journey with Havi…and to see all those pictures! She’s beautiful. I can’t believe I haven’t seen her yet…but hopefully soon. I’m so glad your family is becoming knit together…all part of the plan! God is good.


  6. I got to see your baby girl the other day at the Chic-Fil-A fundraise for Oak Grove (very briefly). My word(!!), is she a cutie, as are the three others 🙂 It was neat to see Gracyn feeding her sister a cracker 🙂 🙂
    I was hoping to see you and Jay there, too. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to cross paths soon. Hope all is going well. I think about you guys often and love keeping up with your blog!
    Katy (formerly Stewart) Blaser

  7. talithapiper

    I found your blog through your comment on my blog! haha! My friend’s family are adopting from Ethiopia too! Here is my friend’s mom’s blog link.

  8. Liz Bruns

    My husband and I are looking into using AGCI for our Ethiopia adoption. Could you please tell me how your experience was with them? Thanks so much!
    Liz Bruns

  9. Hey! I saw your comment on our blog and had to pop over and “bloggy meet” you! 🙂 Your family is beautiful….I’d love to add your blog to ours too….love the way you describe your heart for the Lord. Amen!

  10. Hey there– send me an email. Got something for you.

  11. Mandy


    You may not remember me, but we had a chance encounter at Hunter’s Ridge park a few months ago. You had your lovely Havi with you and I had my daughter and the little girl I babysit, Hanna, who is from Ethiopia. I know that we really don’t know eachother, but I had to share with you how God used you to impact our lives. I mentioned to you that I had been praying for God to work on my husband’s heart as I desperately want to adopt a child. Meeting you was no chance encounter and even at the moment I knew that God was giving me a road sign, saying “Go this way”. Well, my husband recently reached the same place that I have and we have decided to adopt! I can’t tell you how thrilling this is, but I’m sure you already know – having experienced it for yourself. Partially because of Hanna, and partially because of my encounter with you, we are feeling led to Ethiopia and will likely use All God’s Children. We are in the very preliminary stages of it all and probably will be in a financial position to proceed forward sometime in the spring. So, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story and being strong in your ministry and calling.


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