signs of the times

When “the professor” is out

it means the cul-da-sac is now a playground.

When our front yard looks like a Wal Mart bike lot ….

it means the neighborhood discovered the zip line.

When these little guys fill our garage with sweet chirps ….

it means spring is definitely here.

When these are essential accessories ….

summer is right around the corner.

When knees are more bandaid than skin …

it means we are seldom indoors,

… and when we can go from this

to this …

to this …

to this….

in 30 seconds time, then we are TWO!

Yes, we have entered birthday season here at the Rush house.  Havi kicked it off with a “puppy” inspired party.

So my baby is two.  I want to smile and cry about how fast our time with Havi has flown.  If you haven’t met her she is difficult to describe in 500 words or less.  I can say that you are missing out.  Of her 24 months on this earth, we have been within arms reach for 19 of them….and have loved every minute.

“For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.”  Psalm 100:5


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One response to “signs of the times

  1. Wendy

    She is beautiful and those cupcakes are amazing!

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