post op

Yesterday Noah had surgery on a hernia discovered a couple weeks ago.  Thanks for all of your emails, messages and prayers during this time.

“Fairly routine,” we were told.

Noah, however didn’t see it as routine and took the chance to become a neighborhood legend.  He told EVERYBODY who would listen that he was having surgery.

“It’s for my hernia,” he told a woman in the bathroom at Hobby Lobby.

He would say it so matter of fact-ly and they would usually comment on how brave he seemed (his favorite part).

“I’m the luckiest boy,” he told me the day before the surgery, “I’m the only one on our street who will have a scar.”

Noah loves doctors, and, it would seem, hospitals.  He loves interacting with adults- esp adults who are paid to answer  all his questions.

Much to the chagrin of hospital personel, my dad doesn’t adhere well to the “strict parent only policy” in the pre op room.

Noah really seemed to handle the stress well…

“I’m getting tired already,” he told the anesthesiologist as he explained what would happen when he actually administered the anesthesia….

As they wheeled him down the hall, I gave thanks to God that we don’t do this often, that we are able to joke and laugh before this surgery because we have four amazingly healthy kids.  So many parents have sat in the same room with grim circumstances and fearful hearts.  What an amazing faith it would take to rest in Him, I don’t know that faith and I can only trust it would be given as needed.

After taking a couple hours to waken from drug induced sleep our biggest chore was keeping Noah off the bike and zip line…

take that hernia.



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4 responses to “post op

  1. Cara Ray

    I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS!!!! So glad Noah is well. What a trooper!

  2. aunt sarahtops

    of course he turned a hernia surgery into a party – this kid completely has my heart

  3. Kim Nielsen

    Now that is the Noah we love and remember! Miss you guys! The kids were are getting so big. Noah, was in true Rush fashion, very brave 🙂

  4. Our Joshua had a hernia too in his belly button. He thought it was cool that they would put a “smile” on his belly buttton”….until the non caring hospital staff took him away before giving the anesthetic and I couldn’t be near him- then they dealt with the wrath of a child who has been through a lot of trauma who can’t see his mom. Not a good combo. Took us a while to get through that.

    Glad he did well 🙂 yeah!

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