stalled out at day 4

So… we didn’t finish the bathroom in time for our stranger/guest to try out the new vanity, or even be able to shut the bathroom door.  but jay was out of town and she was able to use the our room, so I didn’t stress too much.  After all, perfection takes time.  Searching high and low for a sturdy double vanity for under a grand proved futile, then I had this great idea to make a vanity out of a console table.  This was my initial inspiration:

However, finding a console that was our budget, 2. long enough to fit two sinks, and 3. strong enough to support the weight of 4 kids who most certainly will be sitting in the sinks at some point most days.  SO my next idea involved a little more convincing on my part.  Jay loves my ideas, usually just not right away.   And he was not too keen on this one but eventually he couldn’t resist the challenge.   So, he caved and I went to the hardwood store with these plans and spent $240 on hickory wood.  When it comes to DIY projects, Jay is great at starting and finishing projects in a weekend, but when it comes to fine pieces of furniture, he has had to have some patience.  We reconfigured the plans a bit to allow for more use of the drawers even after the plumbing is all set.  Here is what it looks like right now:

and here are the sinks that arrived from and are daintily hiding in jay’s office till he’s ready for them (motivation)….

so don’t hold your breath for this finished project.  Perfection can take its sweet time and without any more stranger/company on the horizon we have time to focus on the  much more important things going on right now…not the least of which are a hernia surgery for this karate kid next week…


and a birthday to celebrate for this little bitty …

Ahhh yes, projects can wait …


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  1. Kristi Steeger

    Hernia surgery….=-( Birthday for that cutie pie…=-D I love that last picture by the way. And I look forward to pics of the finished bathroom AND birthday pics!! Hugs for karate kid…keep us updated on how it goes!!

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