bathroom, day 3

Yes, I am aware that I am not counting actual days here, but i see no better way to keep track of these posts.  After Jay grouted and sealed and installed the toilet, we have a semi-working bathroom now. Hooray!  No more of the boys racing each other through our bedroom at 4 am, turning on every light as they go.

We actually got a fancy new toilet because we had some money left over on our Costco gift card and they had these $80 gems there that appear to be decent.  All the kids gathered around as Jay introduced the new family member.  It has a state of the art “quiet closing lid”, which the kids enjoyed taking turns to see how hard it could be slammed and still be quiet.  I was impressed.  Being the environmentally conscience people that we are, however, we were most excited about the all new “dual flush” technology.

Shortly after Jay finished installing and caulking the new potty, Ikey decided he was going to be the “christen-er”.  I was in my bedroom with Noah dealing with a discipline issue involving his reluctance to want to sit down and work on some homework.  I was very intentionally speaking to him about the issues in his heart causing his sour attitude and how Christ wants us not only to obey with our actions but for our attitudes to reflect an obedient spirit as well.  Just I was getting to the part where I confess where I sometimes struggle with this same issue, he let out a small whimper.

“FINALLY he is getting it,” I thought.  I have gotten through to him and he sees the root sin to all his complaining.

“What is it Noah,” I prodded then leaned in close to hear his little heart….

“I am just so afraid that Ikey is going to use the pee button instead of the poop button.”


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